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Delivering energy efficiency: best practice for data centres

Between 2010 and 2018, the number of compute instances in the world increased by 550%. [...]

Smart cities are not new: learning from ancient history

Over the last few years, the term ‘smart city’ has sometimes been used simply to [...]

Data science stakeholder engagement: handling objections

Being able to handle difficult stakeholders is a key skill for anyone in business, and [...]

Unsung heroes – the cabling practices

Data centre cabling can be the poor cousin of other, flashier aspects of installation. But [...]

Aggregators expand addressable market

Since we introduced the notion of aggregators as the fastest growing customer segment for technology [...]

The provision of the cloud – immaturity on both sides

Outages at cloud providers appear regularly in the news and the reporting frequently unveils a [...]

Dell strengthens infrastructure management portfolio with Quest acquisition

This week, Dell announced definitive agreement to acquire Quest, an IT and systems management software [...]

Which server virtualisation platform is best for storage hypervisor attachment?

Virtualisation changes everything and the road to the 4-pool vision of utility computing has to [...]

Why Object Storage unites vendors

The term object storage is increasingly entering the debate about how data is and should [...]

Re-imagination: the $36 Trillion addressable market

We are big fans of Mary Meeker, venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst [...]

Nutanix proposes a merged compute/storage model

Nutanix uses the image of a traffic sign effectively stating ‘no-SAN’ to make the point [...]

How the adoption of integrated systems will affect virtualisation choices

Many users are on a journey - moving through consolidation, integration and virtualisation of their [...]

I’ll bring my own device if you loosen up your network

Apple’s grew its revenues by 63% and shipped 134 million iPhone and iPad in 2011, [...]

How we view storage virtualisation futures

Storage virtualisation brought much benefit to IT professionals, and the current wave is unlikely to [...]

We will need hypervisors to handle heterogeneous networking as well

Servers got hypervisors a long time ago – IBM put them into mainframes in 1967, [...]

Knowledge transfer amplifies customer and partner success for DataCore

Ease of adoption is a critical but often overlooked success factor. Operational considerations are just [...]

The new generation changes IT, while IT defines their lifestyle

New generations entering the workforce are changing IT priorities in all sorts of areas. For [...]

EMC’s federated stance yet to prove long term relevance

Growth in data, its transmission and desire for analytics continue to fuel demand for storage. [...]

Does Microsoft need a virtualisation guru?

Microsoft is the most successful software company of all time, with revenues of $72 billion [...]

Red Hat adds European partners to its virtualisation ecosystem

Red Hat announced today that it has signed up a number of Premier Business partners [...]

Rimini Street’s success testifies to old gaps in the market

Rimini Street is an independent third-party maintenance and support provider for Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, [...]

Chasing down virtualisation bottlenecks

Virtualisation has been with us for a very long time since IBM added it to [...]

FalconStor – pursues multi-pronged storage hypervisor approach

FalconStor is a storage software provider specialising in a set of offerings around smarter storage [...]

Aggregators’ experiences create credibility

Early in our research design, we identified aggregators as a significant segment for vendors to [...]

The OVA pushes KVM as the next big virtualisation ecosystem

There is no doubt that VMware and Microsoft have the 2 most important virtualisation environments, [...]

The essentials of the Storage Hypervisor market

We have launched our storage hypervisor study, and in this document we publish our thoughts [...]

Has standalone maintenance past its sell-by date?

As IT budgets continue to be squeezed, we notice more enterprise customers pushing back on [...]

Storage hypervisor adoption dynamics: we want your views

This week, Rainmaker Files launches a study to explore buyer dynamics. We plan to  interview [...]

Why storage hypervising is a go-to-market issue

VMware changed the economics of the x86 server market when it introduced its ESX hypervisor [...]

Growing support services for open source solutions

Open source solutions have many supporters, among them global powerhouses like Red Hat and IBM. [...]

Joyent makes long term go-to-market bet

Joyent's newly launched academic programme is laudable for its generosity and practical relevance. It is [...]

Virsto – A Software-Only Storage Hypervisor Supplier

Virsto is relevant to our discussion on the development of storage hypervisors and how they can make [...]

Mobile apps will drive self service

Without ePRO, investigators and their research teams would record outcomes manually, or have to verify [...]

Streamlining operations through as-a-service adoption

The bigger issue is how integration is creeping into the operational domain. With static projects, [...]

The Search For Storage Hypervisor Rainmakers

The x86 server market has been transformed since VMware’s introduction of its EXS hypervisor. CIOs [...]

Are your CTOs effective rainmakers?

We reflect on the Big Debate at IPEXPO last week. All three panelists were part [...]

Storage Virtualisation – Market Shares, Trends And Discussion

Welcome to our study chapter from our virtualisation research. This is premium content for clients [...]

It’s not the age, it’s the mileage

There is much work ahead as vendors grapple with the challenge of keeping current customers [...]

How do we evaluate virtualisation rainmakers?

A vendor’s approach to virtualisation makes a big difference to its chances of success in [...]

How we evaluate resource efficiency rainmakers

Efficiency is a goal which IT people continuosly pursue. We see effiency spanning into many [...]

Demand Side Confidence of IT-Cloud

The IT industry is brimming with confidence in its ability to provide solutions residing in [...]

Re-scaling the maintenance footprint

Vendors are obliged by law to provide warranty on the products they sell. IT vendors [...]