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Data centres doing Twitter right

Social media is an essential tool for data centres. It enables you to put a [...]

4 reasons data centres need social media

If you have been directed here from this week’s newsletter, the article you are looking [...]

The new data centre marketing mandate

Marketing is changing. In fact, it is undergoing nothing less than a major transformation. Why? [...]

Services in the ‘new economics’ paradigm

Since March, we have been exploring the ‘new economics’ driving storage investment decisions, and specifically [...]

The attraction of tape

IT decision makers are being enticed by new exciting innovations in virtualised storage such as [...]

Connecting the cultural, business and technical drivers of IT virtualisation

For large companies adopting virtualisation is no longer an option: it is essential in order [...]

Addressing the eDiscovery market opportunity

eDiscovery refers to any process in which digitised data is sought and secured to use [...]

The role of R&D and acquisition in successful product innovation

Owning patents is important if you get involved in infringement cases, such as those in [...]

The Desirability of Enterprise Vendor Status

Visiting two conferences in the US brought home the desirability of enterprise status. Or should [...]

Self-service re-defines the services landscape

Since the late 1980s, technology vendors have looked to services as logical adjacent business lines [...]

Aggregators in your customer base

Segmenting the target market remains an inexact art form. Technology as an industry has increasingly [...]