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In conversation: CloudSigma’s CEO on thought leadership to mitigate risk

CloudSigma is one of the leading providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), based in [...]

Content marketing vs interactive advertising – two sides of the same coin?

We have been thinking about content marketing, and who should ‘own’ it, and felt it might [...]

How Understanding Emotions Can Revitalize Your Business

In this interview, Mette Vesterager, Management Consultant, Coach and Founder of Novalead claims that we [...]

In conversation: IAB’s Anna Bager on how interactive advertising is shaping buyer preferences

The Cluetrain Manifesto helped us understand the increasing importance of connections between people. Today we [...]

Is Content Marketing too important to be left to Content Marketeers?

Back in the old days, there was a clear distinction between sales and marketing. Sales [...]

In conversation: SureFire Excellence’s Paul Bevan on why enterprise technology needs courage and focus

SureFire Excellence works with organisations across the globe to provide rapid, robust and consistent sales [...]

Rethinking the sales process

The sales ‘machine’ has long seemed to have a very clear shape and role. But [...]

In conversation: NNIT’s Karsten Fogh Ho-Lanng on digital disruption

NNIT is an international IT service provider offering IT consulting and the development, implementation and [...]

In conversation: Marketing Cloud’s Jane Waight on thought leadership in branded eco-systems

Technology companies continue to explore new go-to-market routes to keep pace with buyer communities that [...]

In conversation: DANSK IT’s Per Andersen on the profession’s accelerating evolution

DANSK IT is a professional association that offers its members a discipline-specific network for members [...]

In conversation: DataSift’s Tim Barker on helping enterprises to grow big ears on social networks

As social platforms proliferate and influence buyers from all walks of life, the need to [...]

Curation enjoys increasing significance in a noisy content world

Thought leadership involves communicating your ideas, consistently and often. But do all discussions have to be [...]

In conversation: SAS Institute’s Flemming Bagger on good governance for enterprise analytics

As more businesses embrace big data and the promise of analytics-driven decisions, many practitioners are [...]

In conversation: Becoming customer-led

Faced with dramatic shifts in technologies, behaviours and expectations, Symantec has moved from an engineering-led company [...]

In pursuit of alignment

Strategic alignment sounds like a management ‘buzz-phrase’, but actually it’s a crucial part of making [...]

In conversation: Transitioning to more meaningful outsourcing metrics

Henry Fellow and business analyst Katie Gove set up Trellis five years ago to address [...]

In conversation: Research and analysis become open and social

Henry Fellow, Rainmakers contributor and distinguished analyst Martin Hingley set up ITCandor three years ago [...]

The Competence Cycle of Learning

Have you ever stopped to think about how you learn a new skill? Probably not. [...]

In conversation: A new kind of content marketing

As the global economy continues to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, it is clear [...]

Research review: McKinsey on digital strategies

It’s always good to have data to back up thinking about trends or challenges. So [...]

Research review: How our shopping habits are changing the retail landscape

No one would argue that the retail landscape is not changing. Retailing is now ‘well-and-truly’ [...]

Cluetrain Manifesto: the importance of being human

Here’s a question for a quiet ten minutes in the office, or when you feel [...]

The importance of tribes

We all form tribes. It’s a natural human condition, and it’s been going on for [...]

How Zuora is enabling a new world of subscription consumption

The way that we consume is changing. We are moving from a world of buying [...]