Transitioning from legacy systems to an infrastructure that can support the way work needs to be done can be a significant challenge. As part of our case review series, we look at discussion notes from McKinsey’s Katrin Suder and Sebastian Muschter as they discuss transforming IT with Klaus Vitt.

The biggest challenge is not the technology, but rather breaking down existing IT applications into different kinds of services— that is, understanding which components of applications can be standardized and which cannot—and we have a limited number of people with the skills to do this work. In addition, we must maintain more than one interface per application; we need to keep the existing user interfaces because there are expert users outside the call centers who use only a few applications but use them extensively. Finally, managers in business and IT have to get used to the idea
that they no longer have free rein over the look and feel and functionality of their applications.

Read the full review here> Klaus Vitt BundesagenturfArbeit

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