dandelion by Madeleine_As we published earlier the storage market is budding if not buzzing with activity. A section of the activity comes under the banner of Object Addressed Storage. One vendor is Caringo.

Object storage is a new way of engineering storage and has implications on the way data is stored, retrieved and protected. It offers numerous benefits in providing the compute layer with data. But sometimes doing things differently means working harder to get the proposition across. And hence the object storage vendors on one hand explain the wider cause while on the other how their solution is better than the competition.

Caringo was founded in 2005 and has its HQ in Austin, Texas. Where customers have been used to acquiring storage systems that provide storage controllers & HDDs together in arrays, Caringo suggests a software solution. The CAStor software is intended to be deployed on commodity X86 hardware which then become networked nodes in a cluster. The objects in question mean files and unstructured data of various types. One reason why object storage needs explaining is because it does away with traditional file systems. Instead the CAStor software provides its own access method to access the data and metadata across the cluster.

Caringo has many routes to its market as it offers its solution directly, via resellers, OEMs & system integrators. It has signed an important OEM deal with Dell as the DX6000. Customers of XSPs may also be using Caringo software as it lends itself to be deployed in Cloud storage solutions.

Photo credit: dandelion by Madeleine_

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