BMIT is a Maltese provider of cloud, colocation, virtual hosting and managed services to a range of national and international clients. One of BMIT’s key markets is the thriving Maltese gaming industry, which demands low latency connectivity combined with highly secure data storage and transfer.  It is also keen to target international companies as part of its current expansion drive and has recently translated its website into Italian to appeal to its nearest European geographic neighbour.

BMIT delivers its services from two separate data centres, which allows it to offer off-site disaster recovery, geo-redundancy and a multi-site set up. Both data centres are certified to ISO 27001 for Information Security and are PCI DSS compliant.   All set-ups offered by BMIT are tailored to each and every client, so even smaller businesses get a bespoke solution.

BMIT relies on extensive connectivity to deliver its services and is connected to data centres in more than 25 European cities and linked to the majority of data centres in Malta. It also benefits from direct connectivity to submarine fibre cables, some of which are directly owned by BMITS parent company, Go PLC.

In 2012, BMIT invested over €1 million in cloud services, enabling it to offer competitively priced Infrastructure and Software as a Service (IaaS and SaaS). Cloud services can be either dedicated (private) or pay-as-you-go. All of BMITS services, including cloud and colocation, are offered on a flexible basis with clients able to mix, match and scale services to meet their needs.


BMIT is headquartered in Qormi, Southern Malta which is just 15 minutes’ drive from the Maltese capital Valletta. It owns and operates two data centres – DCH and DCQ – both of which are also situated in Qormi but based at separate addresses.

Both of BMIT’s data centres are carrier neutral and offer a 24/7 service. All racks are fed by dual power feeds and redundancy is N+1 on power and N+2 on cooling.  DCH and DCQ also benefit from extensive fire detection and suppression measures and physical security including CCTV physically controlled access points, manual screening and historical access records.

In addition to its two existing data centres, BMIT is also planning a new €3 million data centre in Malta’s SmartCity in Kolkara and further investments are planned but are yet to be announced.


BMIT does not have a specific energy management policy in place for its existing data centres but its investment in Malta’s SmartCity should boost its eco-friendly image once open. SmartCity is built on environmentally friendly principles, with the latest green technologies incorporated into the buildings wherever possible. Some of these technologies include solar powered lighting, metering and rainwater harvesting.

Funding/business model

BMIT Ltd was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of Go PLC, one of Malta’s biggest TV and communications providers. Go PLC is 60% owned by Emirates International Telecommunications Malta Limited although that stake will be sold some time in 2016.

BMIT is currently on a major expansion drive and is investing €3 million in a new data centre this year alone, with further significant investment planned for 2016.

Customers and partners

BMIT’s clients range from the very small local business to the international corporation.  Its core clients are in the gaming industries although it provides services to businesses in other industries too. Its current target market is the huge Maltese SME sector and the financial and retail industries. Current tenants at the two BMIT data centres include Continent 8 Technologies, Royal Panda Limited, Middlesea, Green Tube, GamingZone Ltd, Worldmatch Ltd and Media Today Company.

BMIT’s technology partners are CISCO, Parallels, HP and Dell. BMIT also holds Microsoft Gold partner status for Hosting Competency.

A leading player in the Maltese data centre industry

BMIT is one of the leading data centre providers in Malta and is backed by one of Malta’s biggest communications companies. While BMIT’s parent company is currently going up for sale, it is thought that BMIT is one of its strongest attractions to new buyers for its potential and historical success.

BMIT’s strategy of providing services to all sizes as customers should make it an appealing prospect for both small and large companies in Malta. Its extensive financial backing and secure buildings should also appeal to international companies looking for a base in Malta. It will be of specific interest to those looking to benefit from Malta’s generous gaming, gambling and tax laws   by using a company with significant experience in those areas.

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