The Desirability of Enterprise Vendor Status

Visiting two conferences in the US brought home the desirability of enterprise status. Or should [...]

Re-scaling the maintenance footprint

Vendors are obliged by law to provide warranty on the products they sell. IT vendors [...]

Big Data – Poor Label

The IT industry sometimes chooses to name concepts and trends badly. 'Cloud' is not exactly [...]

Nexenta – Opening Up Arrays

The Nexenta product proposition is simple: buy your disk arrays as software loaded onto commodity [...]

Autonomy Buys Iron Mountain Digital

Today Autonomy announced that it is acquiring Iron Mountain Digital’ assets. This means a couple [...]

Backup or DR?

This blog post applies to situations where DR does not involve instant fail-over. Having been [...]

Business Continuity

Mostly I am happy for people to use the Business Continuity (BC) definition loosely, because [...]

Self-service re-defines the services landscape

Since the late 1980s, technology vendors have looked to services as logical adjacent business lines [...]

When AWS went down

Many businesses have woken up today to the reality that cloud providers too can fail. [...]

Aggregators in your customer base

Segmenting the target market remains an inexact art form. Technology as an industry has increasingly [...]

The line-of-sight journey

Translating firm goals into tangible results requires that employees not only comprehend the organization’s strategy, [...]

The importance of tribes

We all form tribes. It’s a natural human condition, and it’s been going on for [...]

How Zuora is enabling a new world of subscription consumption

The way that we consume is changing. We are moving from a world of buying [...]

The art of asking the right questions

In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, researchers discovered that the answer to [...]

Checklist: Mitigating the 360 degree feedback risk

“the difference between knowing someone and knowing of someone” It’s that time again, the annual [...]

Book review: The Naked Corporation

As an analyst interpreting trends in the IT industry, corporate opacity was a common challenge [...]

Age of Unreason

Change is not what it used to be. One of the more enduring management books [...]

Defining the Governance Agenda

Good governance creates a strong organisation by continuously steering it towards a vision and ensuring [...]

Can business and social responsibility co-exist?

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is a dynamic term steadily evolving thus escaping standard definition. Applied CSR [...]