In conversation: Transitioning to more meaningful outsourcing metrics

Henry Fellow and business analyst Katie Gove set up Trellis five years ago to address [...]

Beyond content: the increasing role of “idea magnets”

One change which we’re all seeing to some extent is perhaps an increasing recognition that [...]

Cities need to prepare for more demanding customers

A recent report published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, makes some familiar [...]

In conversation: Research and analysis become open and social

Henry Fellow, Rainmakers contributor and distinguished analyst Martin Hingley set up ITCandor three years ago [...]

How does your dashboard glow?

The use of dashboards is a topic which we visit and revisit from time to [...]

The Competence Cycle of Learning

Have you ever stopped to think about how you learn a new skill? Probably not. [...]

Lessons from FlexITy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having an impact on healthcare, and is likely [...]

Online Open Government

Does ‘online open government’ sound like a tautology or, worse, a myth? As private citizens, [...]

In conversation: A new kind of content marketing

As the global economy continues to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, it is clear [...]

Can wearable technologies change healthcare?

Wearable technologies are suddenly on everyone’s minds. And if you’re thinking Gore-Tex®, or perhaps LYCRA®, [...]

Event review – TEDCity2.0

TEDCity2.0 was a day-long event which took place on 20th September 2013. It brought together [...]

Report review: Showrooming less of a threat than browsing at home

Retailers are increasingly concerned about shoppers who are ‘just looking’. The electronics chain Best Buy, [...]

Research review: McKinsey on digital strategies

It’s always good to have data to back up thinking about trends or challenges. So [...]

Smart Cities: a progress report building on Bilbao

In November 2005, a World Summit of Local Authorities on the Information Society was held [...]

How the Internet of Things is helping healthcare

We’ve written on about how the Internet of Things(IoT) can improve sustainability, but surely [...]

Kanban for thought leadership

You may have heard of kanban. It’s a Japanese word meaning ‘signal card’, made famous [...]

The Inevitable tension between organic and planned growth

Most CIOs will relate to the tension between user demand-driven technology deployment, and top-down implementation [...]

Disrupting the health ecosystem: how pharmacists can take pressure off GPs

It’s an increasingly urgent problem in many countries: the number of junior doctors going into [...]

Machine to machine (M2M) connectivity – thought leaders yet to emerge

As an integral part of the Internet of Things, we believe machine to machine (M2M) [...]

Will the Internet of Things(IoT) drive greater sustainability?

We believe that one of the most interesting ideas emerging from discussions about sustainable cities [...]

How one hospital turned its website into a consumer magnet

Many hospitals are sceptical about whether digital marketing can really work for them. Yes, they [...]

Changing the mechanics of government

We’ve been writing recently about how both central and local government is starting to use [...]

Accelrys, BT and IBM show progress on hospital data management

We’ve written before about why hospitals need to get better at using data. In this [...]

Why e-health in an aging world is no longer an optional nice-to-have

Most people will probably be aware of phrases like the ‘demographic timebomb’, and ‘aging population’. [...]

App spotlight: Abriiz

Abriiz is an innovative mobile chronic health management platform developed by Ideomed, Inc. It connects [...]

Seoul leads again

Seoul recently topped our ranking of tech-enabled cities, and we’re not the first to give [...]

Event review: eHealth week

This week saw the the seventh World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition in Dublin [...]

How technology is enabling more cost-effective city administration

We hear a lot about how technology can help individuals and businesses to manage better, [...]

Research review: How our shopping habits are changing the retail landscape

No one would argue that the retail landscape is not changing. Retailing is now ‘well-and-truly’ [...]

Project review: ranking intelligent communities

Intelligent communities? An odd term perhaps, but one which is becoming increasingly relevant, particularly in [...]

The future is cities

The future lies in cities. There are very few people who would argue with that, [...]

Why should hospitals get better at using data?

Around the world, hospitals and healthcare systems face increasing financial pressure. In the UK, the [...]

20 Of The Best Cities In The World For Telecommuting

Why do telecommuting professionals choose to live in some of the most expensive cities in [...]

Seoul tops our ranking of tech-enabled cities

Over the past six months, we have been gathering data on how cities and towns [...]

The Web Index and the challenge of censorship

It’s by no means an easy task, which is perhaps why it has taken until [...]

Open source software maturity in public services

One of our key research objectives is to open a dialogue with government and business [...]

Should Healthcare Organisations Embrace Social Media?

Social media has taken the world by storm. Facebook, one of the most widely known [...]

Managing employees in a changing world

The changes to resourcing over the last few years have led to some interesting challenges [...]

The Current Healthcare Ecosystem is Broken

Although our main focus is to review IT in healthcare, it is also important to [...]

Open source is ready for prime time. Are government IT policies?

As we discuss open source policy with a number of government officials, a remarkable pattern [...]

European Government is Failing to Effectively Utilise OSS

A report published in October 2011 by the London School of Economics for the UK [...]

The Four Commandments of Cities

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, believes that mayors really [...]

Cluetrain Manifesto: the importance of being human

Here’s a question for a quiet ten minutes in the office, or when you feel [...]

App Spotlight: SwiftPayMD

We estimate that globally physicians and/or their practices lose $10 Bn in charges due to [...]

Law enforcement must keep up with social media tactics

Throughout 2012 police forces around the world have started embracing social media to mostly positive [...]

Research review: Will asset intelligence drive the next crushing wave of information overload?

In a reflective report, Deloitte Consulting focuses corporate attention on the subject of ‘asset intelligence’. [...]

Improving patient experience in the doctor’s office

Social media is transforming the way patients and care providers engage, monitor and review progress. [...]

Connected City Index

Most discussions about IT in government have revolved around the big issues, usually impacting federal [...]

Does WordPress for cities re-align the benchmark?

Last November, WordPress launched as the one-stop solution to start a site for cities [...]

App Spotlight: MedSpeak

Positioned as “critical companion for practicing physicians, medical trainees, nurses and paramedics” QxMD Software’s MedSpeak [...]

App Spotlight: Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare‘s 10-year-old diagnosis decision-support system, now available as an iPhone, iPad, and iPod app, [...]

A Tweet a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

Courtesy of: Allied Health World [...]

Award spotlight: Excellence in eGovernment

Australia’s Excellence in eGovernment Awards recognise the most outstanding initiatives in eGovernment across five ICT [...]

What’s next for e-government?

We are looking for 100 government practitioners to join our panel to provide feedback on [...]

App Spotlight: Mayo Clinic Patient App

The Mayo Clinic Patient App provides patients with a range of tools to help them [...]

Putting patients in the driving seat: the policy perspective

On December 7th, the European Commission unveiled its most recent action plan to address barriers [...]

Why public sector line managers need to understand APIs

Conversations with public sector line managers over the past few weeks have highlighted the huge [...]

Event preview: Clinical Outsourcing World

Over the years of training has gathered momentum as drug developers see to shorten the [...]

Will’s presence on G-Cloud alter buying dynamics?

Six weeks ago, joined the UK government’s G-Cloud. This initiative allows government agencies to [...]

What do public agencies expect from cloud computing?

Cloud technology constitutes a change in computing and knowledge management, with hosted IT services delivered [...]

Spotlight on Code for America

We are big fans of TEDTalks. If you have not visited the site, it works [...]

Award spotlight: 2012 City 2.0 from TED

While it is normal for tech awards to focus on the achievements of IT teams, [...]

App spotlight: iBGStar

Sanofi’s iBGStar is positioned as the first blood glucose monitor to sync with the iPhone [...]

Healthcare Analytics

While Big Data has been capturing headlines during 2012, the more enduring value will be [...]

App spotlight: drawMD

drawMD is the flagship product of Visible Health of Austin, TX. Conceived and launched by [...]

2012 Global Cities Index and Emerging Cities Outlook

The backbone of our research and analysis is the Digital City Index. As part of [...]

A new symbiosis: humans and machines in cooperation

Almost twenty years ago, Garry Kasparov was beaten at chess by a computer. People started [...]

Award spotlight: KLISS

Kansas Legislative Information System and Services was the recipient of the 2012 NASCIO Award for [...]

Case review: Transforming IT at Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Transitioning from legacy systems to an infrastructure that can support the way work needs to [...]


Digital Health emerged from work back in 2007, on IT governance. We were working with [...]

WEF Global Competiveness Report

As we start constructing our ranking of public sector productivity gains, existing analyses of the [...]

“We’re not going to fix government until we fix citizenship”

Watching saved TED talks is now among the most productive things on can do when [...]

Clay Shirky on Transparency in government

Clay Shirky shows how democracies can take a lesson from the Internet, to be not [...]

CohesiveFT – Cloud containers for Software Defined Networking

CohesiveFT is firmly allied with movements towards Software Defined Networks (SDN), which have been much [...]

Widening array of mobility providers woo health care providers

Mobility is one of the hottest trends in the healthcare sector, and for that reason [...]

Trends driving our research agenda

Faced with budget constraints, governments at all levels are taking a hard look at how [...]

Why local health providers should pay attention to globalization

  Globalisation or the growth of a market through worldwide relations is currently leading to [...]

X-IO creates hybrid solid state and hard drives for high performance storage

X-IO's range of storage systems is based on its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE), which ditches [...]

Hadoop on massive clusters drive social business

Apache Hadoop itself is a ‘software library is a framework that allows for the distributed [...]

Aggregators expand addressable market

Since we introduced the notion of aggregators as the fastest growing customer segment for technology [...]

Druva adds sharing and collaboration to enterprise BYOD management

Druva has launched its software – a peer-to-peer application allowing users to share files. While [...]

The provision of the cloud – immaturity on both sides

Outages at cloud providers appear regularly in the news and the reporting frequently unveils a [...]

HP stretches across the information management spectrum

Information optimisation is one of three streams that represent HP’s go-to-market leads, the others are [...]

Red Hat Gluster – scale-out storage without directory nodes

Red Hat has announced Storage 2.0 - the first commercial offering based on its acquisition [...]

Services in the ‘new economics’ paradigm

Since March, we have been exploring the ‘new economics’ driving storage investment decisions, and specifically [...]

HP and storage hypervisors

HP has a heritage of meeting storage demands on various platforms and with a choice [...]

Nicira and Citrix promote Open vSwitch for Open network virtualisation

As in other areas of virtualisation VMware got there first and many suppliers, aggregators and [...]

The attraction of tape

IT decision makers are being enticed by new exciting innovations in virtualised storage such as [...]

Dell strengthens infrastructure management portfolio with Quest acquisition

This week, Dell announced definitive agreement to acquire Quest, an IT and systems management software [...]

Red Hat goes after the Enterprise with Cloud and virtualisation

Red Hat has succeeded in becoming a $1 billion software company, with an Open Source [...]

NetApp at twenty

NetApp ran its annual industry analyst event last week at its HQ, and in this [...]

Second look: TIBCO has a few surprises up its sleeve

Under the umbrella of its event enabled enterprise portfolio branding, TIBCO is charging ahead with [...]

Dell Kace system appliances address cultural and business virtualisation needs

Kace takes a mid-market design point for its systems management appliances and has grown significantly [...]

Scality Object Storage catering for the aggregators

Scality is 4 year old company delivering new ways of serving up storage via object [...]

T-Systems joins vCloud aggregator line-up

Last week, T-Systems and VMware announced their strategic partnership at the VMware vForum 2012 in [...]

Equinix is worth watching for several reasons

Case study interviews for our storage hypervisor study are in full swing now, and we [...]

Which server virtualisation platform is best for storage hypervisor attachment?

Virtualisation changes everything and the road to the 4-pool vision of utility computing has to [...]

Debriefing Software delivering storage management as SaaS

A good start for a business idea is to spot a good niche. One such [...]

Why Object Storage unites vendors

The term object storage is increasingly entering the debate about how data is and should [...]

Vyatta Pioneers Software-Based Networking – But Is This Hypervising?

Networking is the last of the 4 broad data centre equipment types to be virtualised [...]