health analyticsSince we first identified big data and analytics as one of the key drivers of health technology investments in our research agenda, we have covered the topic in many different ways. We highlighted why Logicalis formed a strategic relationship with Healthcare DataWorks to advise and help hospitals create knowledge from data. We looked at how Orange was positioning ehealth as a critical platform to overcome the challenges of an ageing world. We also reviewed how Accelrys, BT and IBM ware showing progress on hospital data management.

Beyond primary care, we reviewed the impact of analytics on the wider eco-system. Our analysis of trends in clinical trials highlighted the increasing role played by data management in easing participation for patients. And with sustainability in mind, we showcased discussions at CleanMed that point to better analytics for both resource conservation and cost containment.

Looking ahead we explored the idea of how the Internet of Things will be helping healthcare providers and specifically how analysis of data from wearable technologies could change certain healthcare processes.

One of the most frequent requests we get from analysts within hospitals is for examples of tactical projects that show immediate, measurable benefits. Well the big picture on analytics is well understood, where to start and how to make continuous gains seems to be the real challenge. Especially when budgets and skills are in short supply.

Our upcoming study on analytics trends in Healthcare will attempt to do just that.  If you are a data or analytics consultant working with the European healthcare community we want to hear from you. Specifically, we want to hear about your recent deployments and how you have been able to demonstrate immediate benefit to your clients. Contact us so we can profile your accomplishments.


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