Kansas Legislative Information System and Services was the recipient of the 2012 NASCIO Award for Open Government in their annual State IT Recognition awards. KLISS was developed by Propylon in partnership between the executive and legislative branches of the Kansas Government involving a complete overhaul of the Legislature’s IT systems.

“One Gov” put citizens at the heart of the application, saved over $850,000 per year in cash expenditures, made government highly transparent, and led to the adoption of open source, agile development, cloud computing, and unified communications. The innovations also led to laws for consolidating State IT, for developing “one map” strategies for information sharing (ie. geo-coding bills), and for electronic records authentication. The citizen adoption rate for One Gov E-Democracy WEB services is remarkably high and the cost benefits are very strong. Finally, the “One Gov” initiative addresses over half of the Executive Branch’s enterprise goals and covers many IT strategies promoted by NASCIO. The “One Gov” design…
o = open –bill changes and all support documents are published for each bill version: n = now –citizens have access to any change in bill drafts within seconds of the vote;
e = economy –access to law making, chamber actions, and support documents is free.
g = geo presence –system will enable geo-coding bills to citizen centric geography:
o = on (all the time) –99.99% uptime and full cloud failover recovery in 15 minutes
v = verifiable –the system generates permanent records that will be archived in a preservation repository and this year able to be verified by the state archivist as original documents in courts of law. The system (called KEEP) is 12 times cheaper than print authentication.

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