Last November, Avaya received two Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Awards for Excellence, one for Mission-Critical Software Support and the second for Excellence in Hardware Remote Diagnostics. Avaya has now received a total of eight STAR awards from TSIA in the past three years, earning it a place in the TSIA STAR Awards Hall of Fame, a recognition that Avaya received last year for lifetime achievement for outstanding service.

We took a look at how Avaya manages customer expectations.

Avaya has nine different services or support packages, available either from Avaya or one of its certified partners:

  1. Data Networking Services provides evaluation, testing, management and maintenance of multi-vendor data networks worldwide with planning, design, implementation, and integration services.
  2. Direct, Express, and PASS Support with options such as on-site support, software release subscriptions, and spares management.
  3. Enhanced Monitoring, providing 24×7 proactive monitoring of entire network and immediate notification of issues to customer’s IT team.
  4. Parts and Onsite Support for the replacement of defective parts, excluding terminal replacement, with 8×5 or 24×7 cover options.
  5. Secure Access and Control for authentication, authorization, and activity logging of network elements. A specialized gateway supports network backup and system restoration, automatic updating of software and firmware, and ongoing network assessment and analysis.
  6. Secure Access Link lets customers initiate connectivity from their network and provides centralized management of security policies.
  7. Software Release Maintenance identifies and implements product update notices, including product correction notices, software updates, and firmware service packs.
  8. Support Advantage, Avaya’s model for supporting new and upgraded Avaya enterprise solutions with support for software and hardware. Two levels of core maintenance protection: Essential Support or Preferred Support. Additional services are available such as onsite support 8×5 or 24×7; parts replacements within 4 hours.
  9. Support for Small and Medium Enterprises wide range of customizable services, from basic coverage to a comprehensive support plan, all with a single point of accountability.

More than options

Most customers want the services they purchase have been tailored to their needs. By defining these nine options, Avaya is expressing flexibility. In our evaluation for technology operations, we rate vendors’ ability to manage expectations, and flexibility is a key element.

Avaya has also made necessary infrastructure and skills investments to deliver. The company claims to resolve approximately 99% of service alarms remotely and begins diagnosing problems within 90 seconds of receiving an alarm notification. In 2010, Avaya boosted its remote support capability with a new Center of Diagnostic Sciences, focusing on diagnostic technologies and methodologies. Avaya’s next challenge will be to extend support to the mobile workforce, where expectations span a much broader spectrum.

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