The appropriation of data is what data architects and IT vendors hope will become easier, cheaper and more efficient. Organisations preside over plenty of data repositories where data warehousing and knowledge management practices have attempted to ensure that value is distilled from smarter data flows. Data can and have been mined, but may be of diminished use because wrong and outdated values being held. Nevertheless data repositories and flows may be as good as they get with the current set of tools available.

Two labels: enterprise search and big data are poorly named, but they do promise to apply intelligence and draw in disparate resources for compute and analysis. A solution may simply be to connect different sources of data and serve up the right portions in meaningful ways. But another challenge may be to identify potentially relevant information sources and then spot how the information within demonstrate correlation and linkages. This latter type of analysis is already undertaken to spot potential customers or unexploited market volume movements.

The demand for conducting smarter analysis is growing with more IT professionals becoming data architects. We are bullish on this opportunity for the simple reason that businesses have so much more data to exploit. In our theme Data Intelligence we will focus on the potential for growth and the factors that will define how supply and demand creates a new market segment. Please contact us if you have thoughts on how we should focus our research efforts.

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