For most enterprise IT teams, engaging an emerging vendor is a risky proposition. After the technology proposition has been validated, the rest of the hard work begins. It takes time to assess a new company’s viability, long term stability and cultural compatibility. Which is why a new or ‘unknown’ vendor needs to work especially hard to get noticed in the first place; to overcome the implicit barrier associated with due diligence. We think this risk-aversion is holding back the industry. Good ideas and technologies need to be actively promoted and embraced, whether they are from large, established players or emerging ones. Fortunately, there is something we can do about this situation.

Together with IP EXPO Online, we are delighted to announce the IP EXPO Rainmakers Spotlight series. This series will profile promising pre-IPO technology vendors across the virtualization, storage, security, networking, wireless and cloud computing segments. Our analysis will be published on IP EXPO Online, accessed by 15,000 IT buyers in the UK. These companies will also be included in the Rainmaker Index.

So if you are an unlisted company addressing one of the six segments listed above, with a compelling technology proposition, contact us.

Image credit: Viking Ship II by Wouter + Canon

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